Workplace Wellness

RCMA is sensitive to the impact a substance dependent employee has on your organization and will work with management and your EAP professionals to provide discreet and convenient treatment services.

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Referrals from Primary Physicians
Primary care physicians can refer their patients for assessment and treatment to RCMA and will receive progress reports to assure a continuity of care.  The goal of the practice is to keep the patient in his/her medical home and on track for long term recovery and overall good health.

At Risk Occupations
Some occupations require special direction due to the liability their workplace behavior places not only on themselves but on their employers and clients. Corporate executives, attorneys, physicians and other licensed healthcare providers may need to be monitored and progress reports provided due to the  fiduciary and licensing components of their professions.

Contact Information

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Addiction in the workplace

In 2006, 8.8 percent of those employed full-time were current illicit drug users, and 8.9 percent reported heavy alcohol use

Among adults ages 18-64 who were employed full-time, 10.6 percent were classified as having a substance use disorder in the past year, and 2.4 percent had a substance use disorder accompanied by serious psychological distress


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