Medical Review Officer Services

The  Medical Review services provided by RCMA are an important part of the practice both for our patients and for outside practitioners.

What does a Medical Review Officer do?

The certified MRO protects the donor from a false accusation of illicit drug use when there is an alternate medical explanation for the laboratory result.  At the same time, the certified MRO protects the Company as a valuable resource - helping with policies and regulatory issues, as well as providing related services, such as drug test collections, breath alcohol testing services, coordination of laboratory services, laboratory performance testing, and preparation of summary reports for employers. The Medical Review Officer operates in a multidisciplinary environment in which skills and knowledge in a variety of subject areas relating to drug and alcohol testing are required.

How is a MRO certified?

The Medical Review Officer Certification Council, MROCC, a physician-based non-profit board, offers certification to physicians who have had appropriate medical training in the duties and responsibilities of the professional MRO. Governed by a Board of Directors with representatives from the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology and American College of Medical Toxicology, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the College of American Pathologists, as well as the American Medical Association, MROCC promotes and preserves the highest professional standards of training and care among MROs.

Why is a MRO important to both  the employer and employee?

The ramifications of workplace drug testing can be serious.   An employee who uses illegal drugs is a definite obstacle to the stability and safety of the workplace. Proper evaluation of a test result in light of the employee's medical history while protecting his or her privacy is essential to avoid falsely accusing an employee of illicit drug use. For this reason, business, industry and government agencies have seen the need for qualified Medical Review Officers to evaluate work-related drug tests, and to act as a consultant and resource in achieving a drug-free workplace.

Contact Information

Blackwood Medical Center 856-227-2104—phone
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Addicted Employees often:

  • change jobs frequently
  • are late to or absent from work
  • are  less productive employees
  • may be involved in a workplace accident
  • file a workers’ compensation claim


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